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6-9pm | Friday, September 23, 2016

High Point Wines & Spirits | 677 40th Street, Bklyn

American Whiskey does not fit neatly into typical whiskey categories.  It is a four grain whiskey made primarily from malted barley and wheat, with a little bit of corn and a touch of rye.  This unique whiskey has floral notes of a malt whiskey with the new barrel sweetness of a bourbon.

Rye Whiskey is available now!  But act quickly, when this batch is gone it won’t be back until next year. This batch is a mix of our recipe experiments last year.  Nice rye spiciness and dried apricots with a dry toasted finish.

Bourbon Whiskey is a wheated bourbon made with 65% organic NY state corn.   This American classic is carefully made with only the best ingredients.

Moonshine, White Lightning, Green Whiskey 19th Century New York City produced more Moonshine that the entire south combined.  From industrial scale operations in Chelsea to “mom and pop” stills in Vinegar Hill to Red Hook’s own streets, whiskey was once produced in large quantities in the City and now we make it! 

Due North Rum is carefully created with organic, unprocessed sugar.  While most sugar is grown on plantations and manufactured in industrial processing plants, our sugar was grown by small family farmers and dried in the sun.
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