FREE Friday Tasting

Cuma Malbec Organic

6-9pm | Friday, October 14th, 2016

High Point Wines & Spirits | 677 40th Street, Bklyn

Join us for a tasting of our favorite Malbec, Cuma Organic!

This Malbec comes from the Bodega El Esteco winery in the Salta province of Argentina. The winery was created in 1892 under the name Michel Torino Bros La Rosa Wineries. In 1994, it was sold to Félix Lávaque, a winemaker who in turn sold it to a Swiss group that gave the company the image it has today: a premium winemaker. A great dry and medium bodied Malbec with exuberant blueberry and plum flavours. The Cuma Malbec is mouth filling with a minty and spicy character full of tarragon, eucalyptus and rosemary. The distinct and fresh plum aromas are typical of this grape. This is an elegant and complex wine smooth enough for drinking alone or as an excellent accompaniment to food.


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