FREE Tasting with Sadat X & Will Tell of True Wine Connoisseurs

Sadat X & Will Tell
of True Wine Connoisseurs

True Wine Connoisseurs - HighPointWines - SunsetPark6-9pm | Friday, January 20th, 2017
Join us for an inauguration night tasting with Hip Hop legends Sadat X and Will Tell,
True Wine Connoisseurs!


Sadat X cut his teeth recording classic joints with the fantastically legendary Brand Nubian. Along with Lord Jamar and Grand Puba, Brand Nubian recorded some of hip hop’s most urgent material. As a soloist, Sadat also has an extensive catalog of verbal gems and hymns that get the heads noddin’.

True Wine Connoisseurs - HighPointWines - SunsetPark - Sedat X - Mikey Palms - Will Tell

Will Tell is definitely a jack of all trades, but he’s a most skilled mega-prolific producer with notable collaborations/productions including Wu Tang Clan, Talib Kweli, DMC, Sean Price and Sadat himself; just to name a few.

Together, the quiet bald head from Uptown (Sadat X) and the trend setting Puerto Rican from BK (Will Tell) are True Wine Connoisseurs.

Ciders of Spain Food Pairing Experience!

6-9pm | Saturday, January 21st, 2017

High Point Wines & Spirits | 677 40th Street, Bklyn

Come enjoy some of the most interesting and refreshingly different ciders on the planet, all wild yeast fermented and super low in sugar. Styles from the sour beer of the cider world to sparklers echoing true champagne & prosecco, to a beguiling perry (100% pear cider). Learn how great and different cider can be hailing from the world’s oldest continuous cider culture spanning 3000 years!

Attendees will also be treated to some fine artisan chocolates paired with a mystery libation reminiscent of a sherry-esque dessert wine with lovely notes of almond & raisin – see you Saturday!

High Point Wines & Spirits | 677 40th Street, Bklyn

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