FREE Friday Tasting

Breuckelen Distilling
Gin & Whiskey

6-9pm | Friday, October 7th, 2016

High Point Wines & Spirits | 677 40th Street, Bklyn

Breuckelen Distilling believes simple and natural is good. So they don’t use any coloring, additives, extracts, or fancy filtering to alter our spirits. They let the result of their ingredients and process be the flavor of Breuckelen spirits.

Their ingredients:

  • Grains (always grown in New York)
  • Water
  • Yeast
  • Yeast nutrient
  • Enzymes
  • Oak barrels (for our whiskey)
  • Juniper, lemon, rosemary, ginger, and grapefruit (for our gin)

highpoint_breuckelengloriousgin_220x585Glorious Gin
Our original gin recipe— distilled from wheat grown in New York in such a way to retain the honey and buttery characteristics of the grain. We redistill our base spirit individually in batches with juniper, fresh lemon peel, fresh grapefruit peel, ginger and fresh rosemary. This method captures the unique qualities of each botanical.

highpoint_breuckelenoakgin_220x585Glorious Gin: Oaked
We’ve been experimenting with ‘resting’ our Glorious Gin in oak barrels since 2011. Over that time we have produced 4 unique batches, each with a different oak treatment. Our original formula picks up notes of vanilla, baking spices, and a warmth from its time in oak. We will continue to tinker with our process until we find the perfect aging method.

highpoint_breuckelenwhiskeynywheat_220x58577 Whiskey – Distilled from New York Wheat
New York Wheat is distilled cleaner than more typical whiskeys. This method highlights the beauty of using wheat in a mash bill: a smoother, more gentle base lets the intense oak-contributed flavors be the focus. 1 to 2 years in our warehouse achieves the best balance. Distilled from 100% wheat, aged in new American oak.
Distilled from 100% wheat, aged in new American Oak

highpoint_breuckelenwhiskeyrye_220x58577 Whiskey – Distilled from Local Rye and Corn
Local Rye & Corn is produced very much like New York Wheat, except we blend whiskeys distilled from mashes of rye and corn, rather than wheat. Rye is a brash spirit, with rich spicy notes. Our methods tone down rye’s intensity, but retain its characteristic style and full flavor.
Distilled from 90% rye, 10% corn, aged in new American oak.

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